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Commute With Enterprise

Service Status:

Normal Operations

Phone Number:


Fare Cost:


Payment Accepted:

Via Commuter Benefit/Private Pay

Days & Hours of Operation:

Speak with Katie Arbeiter


Other Transportation Specifics

Senior Discount:

Disability Discount:

Veterans Discount:

Can a personal attendant ride FREE?:

Wheelchair Accessible:

Do you take private insurance:

Do you take waivers:

Do you take Medicaid:

Your Service Area:

Greater Lorain County Area

Do you cross county lines?


Covid-19 Protocols:

o help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect our Commuter family, Commute with Enterprise is constantly monitoring and adjusting policies to comply with CDC guidelines as well as federal, state, and local orders.

We remain committed to ensuring our Commuter family is well informed and continues riding in confidence.

Schedule Instructions:

See The Website

Transportation Service Description

Commute with Enterprise remains committed to helping your workforce move forward. As your company plans for employees to return to the workplace, we can provide them with a reliable ride to work in a comfortable and contained environment.

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